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A thriving workplace culture can only happen when leaders are focused on adopting and fostering lasting positive change. I designed these workshops to harness the power of the individual to influence others and nurture upstander skills within organisations. With these upstander workshops, I hope to share my learnings to help you become purpose-driven thought leaders that are ready to face the future of work.

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(Masterclass Bundle)

Upstander Leaders program is an interactive leadership capability, coaching and learning program that strengthens the integrated leader network through shared learning, collaboration and connection. It is essential for leaders to be future-focused and purpose-driven to create a powerful ripple effect to sustain lasting positive, impactful change. Leaders must be adaptive with the necessary future of work capabilities to transform, to motivate, to create and deliver on business strategy and team purpose. We promote a modern leader growth mindset so leaders can amplify their own practice, engage with their people so everyone can flourish in great places to work. 

  • Masterclasses are designed using proven frameworks and methodologies with skills and tools leaders can put into practice.
  • Approx. 15 participants in each group – Held face-to-face for 3 hours each month 
  • Team plays to use in real-time plus access to a workbook and resources. 
  • Peer Coaching activities for connection, reflection and support
  • Program participant challenges to embed learning in the team and culture
Three Monthly
+ Collaboration
Team Plays +
Resource Access
The upstander
leader book

MASTERCLASS 1 - Culture Agility

 Part 1 – Change Agility  

  • How to embrace change agility in a complex, fast-paced and often uncertain environment 
  • Exploring types of change, benefits and consequences. 
  • Scanning and reframing perspectives | Actions, decision making and accountability 
  • Tools and techniques for change agility 

Part 2 – Psychological Safety  

  • The value of psychological safety to create a team atmosphere of resilience, trust and wellbeing 
  • What is psychological safety? What is not? Why is it essential to personal and team success? 
  • Psychological safety checklist (activity to collect data for business leaders) 
  • Psychological safety zone (self-assessment) & pledge 

Total = 3hrs

MASTERCLASS 2 - upstander leader

Part 1 –  Explore own self leadership  

  • Understand the trends driving the Upstander movement  
  • Why it’s important to understand trends impacting employee wellbeing and success  
  • Explore team and individual contributions to workplace culture  
  • What is / not bullying/harassment and how to identify behaviours 
  • Decode the science behind The Bystander Effect 
  • Bystander Vs Upstander Zone  

Part 2 – Building a thriving workplace culture  

  • Explore The Upstander Effect  
  • Unpacking the 5 x steps to being an upstander 
  • Build momentum for now and The Future of work 
  • Making a upstander action plan to drive workplace culture success 

Total = 3hrs

MASTERCLASS 3 - wellbeing & resilience

Part 1 –  Investing in your wellbeing  

  • Exploring statistics around wellbeing and burnout  
  • Are you languishing at work?  
  • Building mental fitness  
  • Unpacking red flags to wellbeing (yourself and team) 

Part 2 – Building a wellbeing and resilience plan 

  • Who’s in your support tribe? The power of your network  
  • Your wheel of wellbeing (Self-awareness tool)  
  • What is resilience at work? 
  • Mindset reset – Shifting perspectives, language and beliefs  
  • Building rituals and routine for personal and business success   

Total = 3hrs

the Upstander
How to Transform from Silent Bystander to Powerful Changemaker

The Upstander Effect take a deeper look into the complexities of organisation dynamics. It examines the crucial power of upstanders in their work environment. Also called ‘helpful bystanders,’ they are the most proven weapon for workplace success.

An upstander is someone who sees something wrong, then takes positive action to make it right. They will do everything to protect and support anyone who is being unfairly treated or intentionally hurt.

The Upstander Effect follows a 5-step process. You will develop the upstander skills which we will nurture and incorporate into the heart of your business culture. By creating an army of upstanders, every business becomes more communicative. They also become more supportive of their most valuable asset. Ultimately, they become more profitable as well.

It doesn’t matter whether you are work colleagues or even the company CEO. Why? Because the Upstander Effect is less about job titles. Instead, it is more about the power of the individual. 

The Upstander Effect can be delivered either via
a 3-hour in-house workshop session or 2 90-minute webcasts.
learning objectives
the upstander effect
Decode the art of
being an upstander
the upstander effect
Unpack the 5-step process
to move from
bystander to upstander
the upstander effect
Ignite a vision to be a positive changemaker
the upstander effect
Build a foundation
to thrive
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